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    New for 2017!
    Winter Fix
    Crop Booster
    Early Riser
    Soil Aid

    Looking to increase your yield and quality of your crop? Try our new products for 2017!

    Winter Fix

    This fall soil application is applied post-harvest. Winter Fix reconditions the soil while assisting…

    Crop Booster

    Crop Booster is applied to crop throughout the growing cycle (3-4 leaf stage to maturity). A Foliar…

    Early Riser

    Stimulate quicker germination & emergence. Seeds treated with Early Riser generally have double…

    Soil Aid

    Soil Aid, applied in the spring, rejuvenates the soil by stimulating the biological activity, restoring…


    While maintaining a high quality product, we are still able to offer all our products at a very competitive…

    Original Product

    We can work with you to help create an original product that suits your needs. Please contact us so…


    We have something for everyone’s needs, large or small. We carry a full line of product ranging from…


    Twin Pro Industrial is a Lethbridge, Alberta based chemical manufacture and supply facility. We are locally owned & operated and have been in business since 1993, over 20 year! Supplying customers in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Montana!
    We have something for everyone’s needs large or small. We carry a full line of Household/Janitorial Cleaners, Agricultural Products, Crop and Soil Aids, Disinfectants, Automotive Supplies, Algaecides, Industrial Cleaners, paper products and a whole lot more.

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    Products for

    Twin-Pro offers a variety of products for both large and small businesses, as well as for the home consumer.

    • Cluck’r Pluck’r

      Non-Etching Aluminum Brightener

    • Cooling Lubricant

    • Brake Clean

      Crop Booster

    • Pro Zyme Plus

    • Pro Zyme Plus (Dairy Barns)

      Paper Products

    • Winter FX

      Early Riser

    • Soil Aid

    • RV Odor Zyme

      Zap 6

    • Washroom Pro

    • Ultra Brite

      Tuff Pro

    • Terminator


    • Liquid Cleaner

    • TWP 1001 Neutral Disinfectant


    • Star Brite

    • Stain Lifter

      Soft Charm

    • Silt & Sand

      Scale Rid

    • Rust Buster

    • Rose Bowl

      Pro Zyme Plus (Chicken Barn)

    • Pro Wash Powder

    • Pro Wash Liquid

      Pro Strip

    • Pro Solv II

      Pro Solv I

    • Pro Shine

    • Pro Degreaser

      Power Zyme

    • Power Wash

    • Power Pro

      Power Jet

    • Pond Wizard Algaecide

      Pit Renovator

    • Pit Bull

    • Pine Cleaner

      Parlor Pal

    • pH Up

    • pH Down

      Organic Descale

    • Neutral Floor Cleaner

      Nature Pro II

    • Nature Pro I

    • Muriatic Acid

      Master Shine

    • Ma Quat

    • Liquid Laundry

      Lagoon Shock

    • Ice Blast

      Griddle Pro

    • Granular Drain Opener

    • Foot Bath

      Floor Wash

    • Floor Max

    • Fabric Softener

      Engine Wash

    • Egg Wash

      Drain Cleaner

    • Drain Away

    • Direct Fly Spray

      Dew Drops

    • Cutting Oil

    • Crate Wash

      Citro Pro

    • Citra Care


    • Barn Wash

    • Anti Foam

      Aluma Brite

    • Acidifier II

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