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    Brake Clean

    Brake and Parts Cleaner
    • Client Name: Brake and Parts Cleaner
    • Category:Automotive

    Brake clean is a heavy duty solvent-cleaner, formulated to re-move asbestos dust, oil, grease, brake fluid and other soils from brake parts. Its’ use can minimize the concentration of airborne asbestos dust by wetting and washing dust away.

    Brake Clean contains no chlorinated solvents and it evaporates quickly, leaving no residue. It may be used on any type of brake equipment assembled or disassembled; brake drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, disk pads, return springs, power and vacuum assisted components, and all other metal brakes.

    Brake Clean is ideal for use on autos, trucks, trailers, campers, mobile homes, and motorcycles.


    Quick Drying

    Solvent Base

    20 Liters

    205 Liters

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Clear

    Odor: Mild

    Flammability: Yes

    Ph: Not Applicable

    Hazard Statements

    H225 – Highly Flammable liquid and vapor
    H304 – May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.
    H315 – Causes skin irritation
    H336 – May cause drowsiness or dizziness
    H361 – Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child


    Flammable liquids – Category 2
    Skin irritation – Category 2
    Reproductive Toxicity – Category 2
    Specific target organ toxicity – Category 3 (Central nervous system)
    Aspiration hazard – Category 1

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