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    Drain Cleaner

    TWP303 - Liquid Drain Cleaner

    TWP303 Drain Cleaner will maintain a clear flowing drain.

    TWP303 Drain Cleaner is formulated for situations where the product can penetrate the problem over a period of time without the backlash of heavy acid drain openers.


    Maintains a clear flowing drain.

    For opening drains: Apply 2 –6 oz of TWP303 Drain Cleaner directly to drain, starting with lesser amount.  Allow working time 15 –20 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with cold potable water before next application.

    For maintenance: Apply 1 –3 oz of TWP303 Drain Cleaner weekly, directly into drain.

    **Always thoroughly rinse drain and any utensils used with cold potable water.**

    Caution:  Corrosive. May cause damage to sink or tub if not poured directly down drain.  Twin Industrial Holdings Ltd. will not be responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the use of this product.

    **DO NOT use if other drain products have been used prior.**

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Colorless

    Odor: Mild odor

    Flammability: Non-Flammable

    Ph: ~14

    Hazard Statement

    H290 – May be corrosive to metals
    H314 – Causes severe skin burns and eye damage


    Skin Corrosion/Irritation – Category 1A
    Serious Eye Damage/Irritation – Category 1

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