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    Foot Bath

    Dairy Barn Foot Bath

    Dairy Barn Foot Bath.


    Safe to use



    Use 5 liters per 25 gallons of water or a 100 Liter foot bath.

    As cows go thru the foot bath, water may splash out. Each time more water is added, add 2 liter of the recommended Foot Bath product. If there is a major problem you may want to double for first 3 applications.

    Use Foot Bath mixture for a period of 5 days then go back to regular hardening product for 7 days.

    Alternate this procedure for a period of 6 months to see best results.

    20 Liters

    205 Liters

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Blue

    Odor: Slight Lemon Scent

    Flammability: Non- Flammable

    Ph: 7

    Physical Hazards

    No known significant effects or critical hazards.

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