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    Ice Blast

    Granular Ice Melt

    Ice Blast may be applied to snow and ice build up on steps, walks, driveways, parking lots, truck beds and anywhere ice is a problem.
    The Exothermic action makes Ice Blaster much faster and more efficient in the coldest conditions.


    Safe on grass and plants

    Contains no salt

    Fast acting

    Minimum tracking

    Exothermic action

    Apply by hand (rubber gloves recommended) or dispense with a spreader applicator directly to ice and snow build up, anywhere ice is a problem.

    **Caution** Ice Blast, like any other material used to melt ice or snow, creates heat and water. If the concrete treated is unduly porous, improperly trowel or does not have enough cement in it, water may seep below the surface and into the pores of the cement.

    If this is followed by a rapid drop in temperature, the water will freeze. Freezing water expands and can cause pitting and flaking on the surface of the concrete. Avoid contact with eyes.

    Do not induce vomiting if swallowed. Drink large amounts of water. Call a Physician.

    Type: Solid (Granular solid)

    Color: White

    Odor: Characteristic

    Flammability: Non-flammable substance. Non-combustible

    Ph: 7.2 @ 10% solution

    Hazard Statements

    No known significant effects or critical hazards

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