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    Lagoon Shock

    Odor & Waste Shock Treatment

    Twin Pro Industrial specially formulated this product for waste digesting. It contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to digest waste with no odor or noxious gas.

    Lagoon Shock merely assists Mother Nature by adding massive amounts of specified enzymes and bacteria to hasten the process.

    Lagoon Shock is a new technology and has been thoroughly tested to decompose sludge problems and reduce unsightly odors which occur around lagoons and holding tanks.


    High bacteria count

    Reduces ammonia

    Degrades waste build up

    Safe to use

    Excellent Stability

    Non Corrosive

    20 Liter

    205 Liters

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Red

    Odor: Pleasant scent

    Flammability: Non- Flammable

    Ph: 6.5 – 7.5

    Hazard Statements

    No know significant effects or critical hazards

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