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    Parlor Pal

    Dairy Parlor Cleaner

    TWP902 Parlor Pal is specially formulated to be the complete fixture cleaner.

    TWP902 Parlor Pal makes sinks, tiles, grout and chrome shine like new. The thick, non-abrasive formulation clings to vertical surfaces providing longer contact time for more thorough cleaning. It is especially effective for the removal of calcium deposits, rust stains, soap scum, lime deposits and scale.

    TWP902 Parlor Pal’s pleasant fragrance which guarantees restrooms stays smelling fresh and clean.


    Chrome safe, non staining

    Deodorizes as it cleans

    Non- abrasive


    Pleasant fragrance

    Saves time and effort

    Clings to vertical surfaces

    Safe to use

    General Cleaning:
    For stainless steel milk tanks, dilute 50:50 with water and spray on. Leave for 5 – 7 minutes then thoroughly rinse with potable water. For tough stains apply and agitate with a brush and rinse thoroughly with potable water.

    For Milking Parlor:
    Apply with a foam sprayer and let stand for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with potable water.

    **Food contact surfaces are to be rinsed with potable water before re-use.**

    20 Liter

    205 Liter

    Type: Thick Liquid

    Color: Green

    Odor: Winter Mint scent

    Flammabiltiy: Non-Flammable

    Ph: 1 – 2

    Hazard Statement

    H314 – Causes severe skin burns and eye damage


    Skin Corrosion/Irritation – Category 1A
    Serious Eye Damage/Eye Irritation – Category 1

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