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    Pit Bull

    Lagoon & Slurry Odor & Waste degrader

    Pit Bull contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to digest organic waste with no order or noxious gas. Bacterial digestion is the process of enzyme consuming organic matter. The more enzymes in the product, the faster the action. Using Pit Bull, the organic waste is metabolized down to water and carbon dioxide. The end results of this process is the organic waste is being consumed, used up, and no longer present to produce odorous pollution and unsightly mess.

    Pit Bull is a new technology to eliminate odor and sludge problems in hog and poultry barns, sewers, waste water plants, chemical & portable toilets and collection systems. Because of the diversity of the micro-organisms and enzyme systems, this product is excellent for accelerated animal or human waste degradation.


    Safe and easy to use

    Excellent Stability


    Certified Salmonella Free


    Reduces Ammonia

    40 Billion Enzyme Count

    Controls Waste Problems in several applications.

    Use 6 to 12 oz of product for every 1000 gallons of manure in pits.

    Apply every 7 days.

    To calculate volume of pit multiply width x length x depth x 6.2

    20 Liter

    205 Liter

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Blue

    Odor: Pleasant scent

    Flammability: Non- Flammable

    Ph: 6.5 – 7.5

    Hazard Statements

    No know significant effects or critical hazards

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