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    Pro Shine

    Fast Drying, High Gloss, Multi-Coatable

    A high Quality finish designed for no-buff and spray buff applications. This is a hard, scuff resistant high gloss finish, ideal for classrooms, patient rooms etc… This finish will dry quickly (approximately 20 minutes) and is easily removed with a good speed stripper.

    This no-buff system is ideal where the use of a floor machine is not practical. The surface is maintained by dust mopping and damp mopping when the surface shows signs of wear. A thorough cleaning and rinsing will prepare it for re-coating.


    Use only clean equipment (applicator, mops and pails) in applying the finish, Apply a thin even coat. Do not rub. Another tin coat is recommended for add gloss and protection. One ltr covers 25 – 30 M2.

    Allow 20 minutes for drying time before applying a second coat. The use of a sealer is required for new floors and newly stripped floors before applying finish. This is especially import for porous floors.

    4 x 4 Ltr

    20 Liters

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Milky/White

    Odor: Very slight ammonia odor

    Flammability: Not Available

    Ph: N/A

    Preparation Date: Feb 2, 2017

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