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    Pro Zyme Plus (Chicken Barn)

    Enzyme Supplement for Livestock Feed Reg # 982071

    Pro Zyme Plus enzyme feed supplement is designed to reduce concentrations of ammonia and help with digestion.
    This product promotes better performance and health in your animals. By reducing concentrations of ammonia in animal waste you improve the animals digestion and lower it’s risk for pneumonia.


    Thickens the egg shell and helps with dirty eggs

    Healthier flocks

    Reduces ammonia concentrations up to 80%

    Pits drain with more efficiency and ease

    Improves animal digestion up to 30%

    Pro Zyme Plus remains stable and has a shelf life of 1 year

    **This product is free of anti-microbial activity and is not a source of viable microbial cells.**

    Use Pro Zyme Plus at a rate of 190 grams per finished tonne.

    Product can be applied as a top dressing or mixed directly into feed.


    Store at room temperature. This product may cause dermal and respiratory irritation and/or sensitivity. Appropriate equipment must be worn during handling.

    22.7 Kg pail
    (Protects against moisture contamination)

    The buyer assumes all responsibility for use, storage and handling of the product upon receipt. Twin Pro accepts no responsibility for conditions and uses by buyer which are beyond the control of Twin Pro. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and conditions, expressed or implied. Twin Pro’s entire obligation under the limited warranty shall not exceed the total amount paid for the product.

    Version 2

    Preparation Date: Jan 15, 2016

    Health Hazards

    May cause irritation to eyes
    May cause irritation to skin
    May cause irritation to mucous membranes
    May cause irritation to the upper respiratory tract
    May lead to allergic sensitization based on duration and susceptibility

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