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    Aluma Brite

    Acid Aluminum Brightener
    • Client Name: Aluminum Brightener
    • Category:Automotive

    Aluma-Brite is a highly concentrated acidic product designed for cleaning aluminum trailers.
    It is a high foaming product which will create a rich lather up to 1 1/2” thick when used with a foaming unit.
    This makes the product very cost efficient. The use of foam gives a very clean finish, eliminating unexpected streaks.


    Cleans & Shines

    Strips Rust & Scale

    Renews Old Aluminum

    Effective on Trucks, Trailers & Tanks

    Effective on A/C Coils & Ice Machines

    Rinse heavy mud off trailers with clear water (a soap solution will hinder the effectiveness of the Aluma-Brite).
    Apply the foam generously to one side, back and front of trailer.

    IMPORTANT: Spray from bottom of area to top. DO NOT get on painted surfaces.

    Allow it to penetrate for 3-5 minutes. Flush off foam with high pressure washer, holding end of wand 1-3 feet away. Repeat procedure on the other side, front and back of trailer. After rinsing, wash trailer with a light solution of Power-Pro 2000 to neutralize the acid.


    Use 4 oz to 1 gallon of water for pail and brush washing.
    In foaming units, set dilution screw until rich foam appears.

    Note: **High acid content. If splashed in eyes or on skin, flush with water for 10-15 minutes and seek medical attention.**

    4 x 4 Liter

    20 Liter

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Colorless-slightly milky

    Odor: Pungent

    Flammability: NON

    Toxicity: N/A

    Ph: 1.1

    Hazard Statements

    H314 – Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
    H301 – Toxic if swallowed
    H310 – Fatal if in contact with skin
    H331 – Toxic if inhaled.
    H290 – May be corrosive to metals


    Eye Damage/Irritation – Category 1
    Skin Corrosion/Irritation – Category 1
    Acute Toxicity, Oral – Category 3
    Acute Toxicity, Dermal – Category 2
    Acute Toxicity, Inhalation – Category 3

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