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    Cutting Oil


    Cutting Oil is a water soluble non-hazardous oil to be used in a variety of cutting, forming, tapping, drawing and threading applications. This cutting oil will not promote corrosion or discoloration of the work material. It will provide lubricity and cooling to the tool and work piece. Cutting Oil will extend the life of the cutting tool significantly. It will keep machines and machinists clean and reduce maintenance time.


    Use of cutting oil eliminates need for post-machining solvent baths. Wash materials in dilution of 1:30 parts of water.
    For tapping, threading, drawing and forming cutting oil is recommended. Cutting oil is a new development which provides greater lubricity.

    Operations: Forming, Deep Drawing, Tapping, Threading

    Cutting Oil: 1 Part
    Water: 10 Parts

    Active rust inhibition when diluted with up to 30 parts of water.

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Milky white

    Odor: Slight odor

    Flammability: Not Available

    pH: 9.1

    Hazard Statements

    No know significant effects or critical hazards

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