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    Dew Drops

    TWP102 - Liquid Hand Soap

    TWP102 Dew Drops is a gentle liquid hand soap with emollients to help moisturize and soften while cleansing.

    TWP102 Dew Drops is economical to use.  It can save up to 30% over bar soaps because there is no waste left over. No mess to sink and counters as product is usually poured or pumped out.

    TWP102 Dew Drops can be used as a body wash in the shower area and can reduce cost in the bath by 25%, compared to conventional bar soaps.


    Gentle Formula

    Pleasant Fragrance

    Extra Moisturizers


    Pour or pump 2-6 ml directly to dampened hands.

    Lather well and rinse well with potable water.

    4 Liter

    20 Liter

    205 Liter

    Type: Liquid   

    Color: Pink

    Odor: Pleasant scent

    Flammability: Non- Flammable   

    Ph: 7

    Hazard Statements

    No known significant effects or critical hazards

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