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    pH Down

    Lowering pH in pool water

    Lowers pH levels to prevent scaling and cloudy water. Ideal range 7.2 to 7.8.
    Keep on hand to treat elevated pH levels that can cause eye/skin irritation, cloudy water and scaling that can damage pool surfaces and equipment.



    Lowers pH

    Prevents Scaling

    Prevents cloudy water

    Contains hydrochloric Acid

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Colorless to slightly yellow

    Odor: Pungent odor

    Flammability: Non-Flammable

    Ph: < 1

    Hazard Statements

    H290 – May be corrosive to metals
    H314 – Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
    H335 – May cause respiratory irritation


    Skin Corrosion/Irritation – Category 1B
    Serious Eye Damage/Irritation – Category 1
    STOT – Single Exposure – Category 3

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