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    Carpet Cleaner & Pre-spray

    Steamex is a concentrated low foaming carpet cleaner and pre-spray.

    Steamex can be used anywhere a superior carpet cleaner is needed. 

    Steamex is designed for use in steam and hot water extraction equipment.


    Professional formula carpet cleanerFast acting

    Effective pre-spray and spot removerSafe to use

    Removes old shampoo residue

    Quick cleaning and drying

    Contains Optical Brighteners and Fabric Softeners

    Carpet Cleaning for light to medium soil: Use 1 –2 oz of product per gallon of hot water.

    Carpet Cleaning forHeavy Soils: Use 3 –4 oz of product per gallon of hot water.

    Pre-spray: Product may be used full strength or diluted up to 50 –50 with hot water depending upon degree of soil build up.  Spray directly on stubborn stains.

    **Note: Always test area for colorfastness prior to use.**

    4×4 Liter

    20 Liter

    Type: Liquid

    Color: Clear

    Odor: Slight Odor

    Flammability: Non- Flammable

    Ph: 11

    Preparation Date: Feb 2, 2017

    Hazard Statements
    H319 – Causes serious eye irritation

    GHS Classification
    Eye irritation – Category 2A

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