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    Early Riser

    Early Riser

    Stimulate quicker germination & emergence. Seeds treated with Early Riser generally have double sprouting, creating the potential for greatly increased yields. Applied directly to seed, it produces a healthier more productive plant. The benefits of jump-starting your crop with Early Riser are enormous.

    First, it is inexpensive, no special machinery involved, very little time spent, no fuel, and treatment may be done long before seeding. Quicker germination and emergence reduces wind and water erosion.

    Legumes treated produce much larger and more numerous nodules, this restores more nitrogen to the soil. Seeds X-rayed show two germs and when treated with Early Riser generally have double sprouting and will produce numerous stools, and this creates the potential for greatly increased crop yield. If you compare plants at maturity, this will show you plants grown with treated seed have huge root systems, this dramatically increases the uptake of nutrients and moisture from the soil.


    Why does Early Riser make so much difference?

    In simple terms Early Riser removes the protective seed-coating allowing penetration of special enzymes, hormones, chelated minerals, amino acids, and numerous micro nutrients that stimulates quicker germination and rapid growth. Recent research shows cover crops are capable of providing multiple benefits, including decreased chemical inputs, decreased soil erosion, increased carbon and humus, increased soil organic matter. The can also produce of up to 150 pounds of nitrogen per acre for the next crop. To achieve these goals environmentalists encourage farmers to treat seed (such as ryegrass and others) with Early Riser seed treatment. Treated seed will produce massive root systems that lock in nitrogen. As these huge root systems decay during the next growing season, nitrogen is released slowly to feed the new crop. This is an environmentally friendly approach designed to produce higher yields, lowering production costs and reducing toxic chemical residues from polluting our environment and waterways.


    • Stimulate quicker germination & emergence
    • Seeds treated with generally have double sprouting and will produce numerous stools.
    • Creates the potential for greatly increased yields.
    • Builds a healthier more productive plant.
    • Creates an environment that stimulates mycorrhizal fungi. This fungi living in association with the plant root system transfers phosphorous and other essential elements necessary for plant growth.

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