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    Rust Buster

    Synthetic Lubricating & Penetrating Oil

    Rust Buster

    Rust Buster is a special blend of synthetic lubricants formulated to provide the safest, least toxic cleaning and grease removing solvent for general use.

    Rust Buster will not compromise or reduce the electrical insulating value of glyptal, varnish, phenolic varnish, mica, rubber, cambric, electrical sealing compounds or plastic resins.  Removes tar, asphalt, oils, waxes, lubricants, inks, grime, heavy soils, eliminated down time, equipment can be cleaned while in use.

    • Rapid drying Leaves no film
    • Non-ToxicInert Lubricant
    • Liberates Protects metals
    • Stops Squeaks
    • Penetrates–Loosens rusted, frozen parts

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